Backcountry Partner "Speed Dating"

This series of facilitated virtual events to help you meet like-minded tourers in your area and form a plan to confidently go from total strangers, to the trailhead, to taking risks together.

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Backcountry Partner Speed Dating Events

Finding good partners is the single most common challenge backcountry tourers expressed in our research. We offer this series of facilitated virtual events to help you meet like-minded tourers in your area and form a plan to confidently go from total strangers to the trailhead to taking risks together. Meet some folks and great out there this year!

More on these events
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I just wanted to say thanks for the "speed dating" event you hosted in January. After the long dry spell, [another participant] and I got out to Tamarack yesterday and definitely plan to meet up again.
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December 2022

December 21st
‍‍Tahoe and Carson Pass
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January 9th
‍‍‍‍Denver and i70
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Spring 2023

March 8th
Seattle area
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March 15th
Lake Tahoe
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March 22th
‍‍‍‍Eastern Sierra
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March 29th
Mt Shasta
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Denver & along i70
Coming Soon

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About our "Speed Dating" events

It didn’t take a lot of interviews to become clear: finding good backcountry partners is one of the most common challenges in the sport. It’s unnerving to meet people online, you have a limited number of days to tour in a winter, and so many factors have to align for a partner to be compatible. These events are an opportunity to build up your backcountry rolodex, clarify what you're looking for in a partner, and get better at forming new teams in general.

How does it work?

You'll be part of a small group of people from the same region interested in meeting new backcountry partners. On our 90-minute zoom call we'll facilitate a series of small-group conversations where you can get to know potential partners. More than just a meet and greet, we'll help you better identify on what makes an ideal partner for you and share ideas for what to do with the people you meet.

What can I expect afterwards?

Like any speed dating event or just real life, we can't gauruntee you'll meet the perfect person. You will get the chance to meet a bunch of folks, practice meeting and forming new teams, and get some guidelines on meeting new partners based on our research. At the end of the event we'll share contact info between partners who agree to that, and let you take it from there.

I can't make it to the listed events or they aren't in my area... what about me?

We’d love to do more! We just had to start somewhere. Sign up above and we’ll let you know as soon as we can make one happen in your area.